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Opening of China-Brazil Space Weather Joint Laboratory
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 PDF Print E-mail

On August 6, NSSC and INPE held opening ceremony of “China-Brazil Space Weather Joint Laboratory” and “Space Weather Laboratory in South America of CAS” in Brazil. Over 30 persons from Bureau of International Co-operation Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bureau of Major R&D Programs Chinese Academy of Sciences, NSSC, INPE, etc. attended the ceremony.

Yin Hejun, vice-president of CAS attended the ceremony and opened the Joint Laboratory at the invitation of Perondi, president of INPE. Yin Hejun pointed out that the cooperation in space science field of China and Brazil is another example of South-South Cooperation after China-Brazil resources satellite. The Joint Laboratory not only promotes the cooperation in the field of space science between China and Brazil by leaps and bounds, but also becomes the base of talent training by China and Brazil together, and drives widespread exchange in culture and science and technology between China and Brazil.

The establishment of Joint Laboratory can realize joint monitoring and research on ground-based space weather in conjugated area of East and West Hemispheres and North and South Hemispheres, which is conducive to understand regional characteristics and global change rules of space weather, and equipped with striking feature of innovation and important science and application values. As an important cooperation and exchange platform for relevant resources sharing of ground-based detection and research on space environment in China, Brazil and surrounding countries, the Laboratory has great significance to promote major international cooperation program in space science that we take the initiative---International Space Weather Meridian Circle Program; it is also an important part of overseas scientific education base planning of CAS, which will play bridgehead role in joint talent training effectively.

Joint Laboratory is located at Space Weather Department of INPE, Joint Laboratory, Data Center in South America and ST. Maria Field Station will be established in early stage, and monitoring equipment such as laser radar, digital altimeter, ionosphere GPS-TEC, fluxgate magnetometer, etc. are arranged to carry out joint observation. The project is officially launched in 2014, and construction tasks in first phase are planned to be completed at the end of 2016, and then shifted for operation. 

During opening ceremony, vice-president Yin Hejun talked with president Perondi about expanded cooperation in frontiers such as space science, space exploration technology, meteorological sciences, etc., and strengthening of bilateral exchange, talent training, etc. Yin Hejun also visited LIT of INPE, Scientific Research Park of INPE, Joint Laboratory, etc.

The opening ceremony of China-Brazil Space Weather Joint Laboratory also got congratulations of Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese Embassy in Brazil, Cooperation Office in Latin America of Latin America and Caribbean Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.C, etc.




 Yin Hejun and Perondi opened Joint Laboratory together


Talk on expanded cooperation between CAS and INPE



Group photo 



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